Montrose Information

Montrose is an elementary school, consisting of grades kindergarten through sixth, located in the Bexley City School District.  The school is located at 2555 East Main Street in Bexley, OH.

The Principle of Montrose Elementary School is Dr. Quint Gage.

The Administrative Assistant is Katie Anderson.

The Guidance Counselor is Michelle Hipsley.

The main phone number at Montrose is 614-237-4226.  The attendance phone number is 614-338-2098 ext 420.  Please dial the attendance number and leave a voice mail, if you know your student will be absent.

The normal daily Montrose schedule is as follows:

  • 8:25 am  School Doors Open For All Students
  • 8:35 am  Tardy Bell Rings
  • 11:45 am – 12:50 pm Lunch & Recess
  • 3:10 pm Kindergarten Dismissal
  • 3:15 pm 1st – 6th Grade Dismissal

The parking lot at Montrose Elementary is for faculty & staff only, during school hours, and is not to be used for drop-off or pick-up in the mornings or afternoons.

There are three designated drop-off and pick-up spots around Montrose, where parents my stay within their vehicles.  One is on the west side of Remington Road, south of the faculty parking lot, one is on the east side of Montrose Avenue, south of the Montrose side school doors, and the other is along the north side of Mound Street, along the playground fence.

Turns by vehicles, other than school buses, are prohibited at the corners of both Remington Road and Montrose Avenue at Mound Street, during marked school hours.